News Flash

  • The Berks and Bucks Drag are putting on a Valentines Quiz on 14th Feb in Yattendon
  • RC members went to a rally on 25th Jan
  • you can look at the BCRC Facebook page without joining facebook. You can't comment or like posts but you can see what is there.
  • At the EGM on 23 January at 7.30 in Bucklebury MemorialHall we all agreed that The Club must continue
    We have new committee members and plans for activities in 2015
  • Qualifier and Championship dates are now on the diary
  • SOLD OUT We have organised a talk by Alan Davies on 20 Feb Alan Davies
  • There are two indoor SJ competitions this year.
    The Intermediate SJ is combined with a open SJ competition at BCA on 31/01/15 you can see a table of heights here The full set of rules are on the BRC website Anyone interested please speak to Liz Bedingham
    The novice is on 08/02/15 also at BCA
  • Chris has organised some flatwork rallies in January and March
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W&S Lamperd Services Ltd

White Hart Cottage, Hamstead Marshall, Berkshire, UK, RG20 0HW
Phone 07812 193747
email info@whitehartstables.com
Winter Clinics with Warren Lamperd, BE Accredited Trainer and BSJA UKCC Level II Coach . Clinics will be course jumping with some cross country-style questions. The aim is to improve horse and rider technique to individual fences and then to a whole course. Clinics are in large all weather arenas with courses set up. Lessons are £25 at Church Brook Farm (www.churchbrookfarm.com) and £26 at Hamstead Growers (www.hamsteadgrowersequestrian.co.uk).
Each lesson will be a group of no more than four for an hour and a quarter. Private and Semi-Private lessons available by arrangement.

Clinic Dates
1st Saturday of month Church Brook Farm, Aldermaston
3rd Saturday of month Hamstead Growers, Hamstead Marshall
Semi regular Cross Country Schooling
Groups of no more than five for £20 per person
Tweseldown or Boomerang Stables, Crooked Soley

The next Hamstead Growers clinic is on Saturday the 16th. We are organising some xc schooling for the last weekend in January which will either be Tweseldown, Boomerang or Hoplands.
The next Churchbrook clinic will be Saturday the 6th of February.
We are also putting together a pre-season workshop/clinic for the last weekend in February, the 27th/28th. We are finalizing format and costs at the moment but it will be over the weekend with the option of staying away.

Please contact Warren for further information at info@whitehartstables. com or phone 07812 193747

The basic plan is to work with Churchbrook Farm and have a clinic there the first Saturday of the month. I will then run a clinic at Hamstead Growers on the third Saturday of the month. While I am doing the jumping Susie can do dressage at the Hamstead Growers clinics. As well as this I then want to run XC clinics at Boomerang and Tweseldown. Any other suggestions more than welcome.