This competition is intended as a fun event in which Clubs in Area 6 may enter teams in each of the four phases. Clubs are asked not to enter over-qualified members but to give less competitive members the opportunity to represent their club. Each team may include one junior member. Combinations may compete in a maximum of 2 phases.


A Prelim test which may be called.
Horses/ponies must not have won a total of £10 in any dressage competition in the last 4 years and must have no BD points


Show Jumping

A first round at approx 2'3" and a second round at approx 2'6".
The best 3 scores in each round count. In the event of equality of faults after 2 rounds, placings will be determined on the aggregate times of the 3 scoring members.
Horses/ponies must not have won a total of £50 in any show jumping competition in the last 4 years.

Cross Country

Fences will be approx 2'3" - 2'6" and the course is to be ridden at 400m (436 yards) per minute.
Horses/ponies must not have won a total of £25 in any hunter trial or horse trials competition in the last 4 years.

Roads & Tracks

Approx 6 - 9 miles to be ridden in pairs at a speed of 6mph from a talk and a map given out on the day.
To be judged on the preparation of the horse and equipment, completion of the course and the condition and fitness of the horse on completion. (See over for full details.)
Due to timings, competitors in the roads & tracks may only also ride in the dressage phase.
Members of an affiliated endurance group may not enter this phase.

RIDER ELIGIBILITY - riders who have won the stated prize money in the last 4 years in Dressage, Show Jumping or Cross Country may not compete in that phase. Only one member of a team may hold BHS Stage IV or Riding Club Grade IV or BHS AI or above certificate. No rider may have completed any Area National Qualifier for the Pony Club in the current year.

HORSE & RIDER COMBINATIONS - may not compete in a phase if they have qualified for either the National Area or London & South East Championships during the current year in that discipline but they can enter another discipline.

DRESS - Hats must conform to BRC Hat Guidelines and be tagged. Body protectors are recommended for the show jumping phase and compulsory for the cross country phase, and must conform to the recommended standard. Medical armbands are compulsory for the cross country phase.

VACCINATIONS - Equine Flu vaccination certificates will NOT be required for this competition.


Penalties will be incurred for any cuts or abrasions received during the ride. Over-reach boots may be worn, however, any rubs etc as a result of these boots will be penalised. The wearing of boots or bandages will incur penalties.
Competitors should present themselves to the roads & tracks steward no later than 20 minutes before their start time for a pre-ride inspection for which only a bridle should be worn. After a fitness check and trot up, the saddle should be put on for the tack check.
Competitors must present themselves for a post-ride inspection no later than 15 minutes after completion of the course. The time keeper will inform competitors of their inspection time.
Heart rate recovery will be used to measure fitness. Heart rate will be measured during pre and post ride inspections.
Penalties will be incurred for failure to recover to the pre-ride rate. No penalties will be incurred for recovering to a lower than pre-ride rate.
The following apply to the pre-ride rate:

  1. a minimum pre-ride rate of 40 beats per minute will be allowed; any horse below this will be recorded as 40
  2. if a horse is presented for the pre-ride inspection with a heart rate higher than 55, the competitor will be allowed 5 minutes to calm the horse before representing. If the rate is still over 55, penalties will be incurred.
Each pair should carry with them:

The phase can be ridden in any tack except standing martingales and market harboroughs.